You may know that solar energy is popular in California but what you probably didn’t know is that by 2020 all new homes must have solar panels installed. Title 24, the State’s energy efficient building standard was updated in March of 2018 to require solar install in newly built homes. It has been called the 2020 California Solar Mandate. 

If you are new to solar, you may be asking if the 2020 California Solar Mandate is going to be a good thing and if this will increase home buyer cost?

California is set to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that pollute our air. California has the World’s 5th Largest Economy! That means there is a huge population in California that is contributing to carbon emissions through transportation and through electricity use. The 2020 California Solar Mandate will make a huge impact to cleaner air and reduced emissions. 

The California Energy Commission unanimously approved the decision of Solar installations on all new homes under the 2020 California Solar Mandate. There will be a huge demand for Solar coming in the near future. California is already the leader in Solar with over 5.2 million homes with solar panels.

This is not a trend being set by lawmakers but also a trend set by homeowners. Homeowners are the key buyers in solar. Energy efficient homes are a big trend that won’t be going out of style. The 2020 California Solar Mandate will only push this trend further to the benefit of home buyers. 


Now as a consumer lets look at the benefits of buying a new home with Solar.

California has some of the highest electricity rates in the country. With Solar installed on your home you can beat those rates and beat the future rate increases. In some cases you can even earn credits from your electricity company for the solar energy you generate. This means you’ll be a leader and an example to the rest of the state by complying with the 2020 California Solar Mandate. 

The value of your home at resale will go up even more. Even a medium sized home with a small solar system, will increase around $20k. That’s a substantial increase and a great investment.

Lets not forget the tax credit! If you purchase your solar system you can qualify for a 30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. Who wouldn’t want to receive money back on their taxes from the government? Everything lines up to be a great investment for the home owner.


California (the Golden State), is sunny all year long. But some new homes may be exempt from the Solar Panel law due to Tree Shading and existing buildings shading the homes roof.  But that percentage is pretty low.

Constructing your dream home?

Contact us! Home building takes time and if you looking to do so we would love to partner with you in making sure your home is compliant. Forgetting compliance all together, we would love to help you make your home energy efficient.

At Top Tier Home, we treat you like family.  We can set up a consultation and go over your energy options before construction to ensure you comply fully with the 2020 California Solar Mandate.

When looking for a builder and a solar company you want to find the best options that fit your needs. A company that has experience in engineering and installation. We have been in business for over 10 years and we use top of the line quality products that will last for you and not break the bank. We provide you quality installation and outstanding customer service.


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