2020 New Build Mandate in Effect

California has always been the state leading the country towards a brighter, greener future. At the forefront of the nation’s green revolution, California constantly seeks new ways of innovating upon existing technologies to revolutionize society. Recently, solar panel installations have received renewed interest by the state, and are the subject of the California 2020 New Build Mandate guidelines. The new California Green Building Standards Code requires all newly built single residence homes to have solar panel installations. With home buying up in Orange County, San Diego County, and Riverside County, one has to wonder how these guidelines will affect Southern California residents?

Will The California 2020 New Build Mandate Save Money?

The answer is yes, the California 2020 New Build Mandate will. Newly built homes after Jan. 1 are required to have solar panel installations, while existing homes do not have to install solar panels. However, the California Energy Commission estimates that over a standard 30-year mortgage, a solar panel installation can save homeowners $19,000. Regardless of whether or not you are building a new home, solar panel installations are a sound investment to both save the environment and your money.

How Will The California 2020 New Build Mandate Affect Home Builders?

Home builders may be wary of the California 2020 New Build Mandate for new homes, however these new guidelines can help them just as much as home buyers. Home builders have the opportunity to form lasting business relationships with expert solar panel installation experts who can work closely with them on multiple projects, potentially driving down the cost of their bulk solar panel installation purchases. The California Building Industry Association estimates that solar panel installations will add $8,000 to $13,500 to the price of building new homes, making wholesale discounts of solar panel installations a great way to add surplus value to new homes. With home builders expected to absorb most of the cost of the California 2020 New Build Mandate, making connections with expert solar panel installation providers should be at the top of every home builder’s todo list.

Top Tier Home Energy: Ready For Change

At Top Tier Home Energy, we are more than ready to assist home builders in complying with the California 2020 New Build Mandate. When you need an expert solar panel installation provider for Orange County, San Diego County, Or Riverside County, look no further. We back all of our work with an industry-leading 25 year warranty. That’s nearly the entire length of a home mortgage, meaning that potential home buyers will feel confident in their new home’s solar panel installation. We’re excited to work with home builders in Orange County, San Diego County, and Riverside County as they strive to meet the exceptionally green goals set out in the by this ambitious new law.

Recently, new research has emerged to suggest that our environment is deteriorating at a more rapid rate than ever before.  One of the answers to this is installing a solar system in your home with clean renewable energy.  This means solar panels are going to collect energy from the sun so you can store energy and go off the grid.

When homeowners go solar, they often are able to make money from this investment.  Additionally, they are entitled to a variety of benefits as well.

When homeowners install solar panels, they are not only increasing the value of their home in a resale arrangement, but they are also opening themselves up to the opportunity to make money off of those solar panels.

Consider the following ways homeowners can make money from a solar system:

Saving Money Due to Your Solar Panels

Traditionally, most Californian homeowners pay around $1500 in electricity bills every year.  However, with solar power, this isn’t so.  Many homeowners are suffering under an electricity increase of over 2.2% per year that homeowners with solar panels do not.  As electricity rates continue to rise, homeowners with solar panels will be able to save more than the average family.

There are multiple ways for homeowners to save with solar panels.  This includes the following rebates and credits as a result of installing solar panels:

  • The current federal tax credits for homeowners with solar panels
  • No money down on solar power systems until 2020
  • Local city and county incentives for solar power systems
  • Reduction in monthly electricity payments
  • An increase in home values

Currently, news has reported that the federal tax credit is going away.  This will decrease year after year over the next few years.  However, credits, whether used this year or next year, are easily rolled over.

Saving Money with Solar Panels

Solar panels can draw energy from the sun and eventually store enough energy in solar batteries to power homes and if enough is gathered, homeowners can sell these energy credits back to electricity companies.  The math says that homeowners can claim up to $13,000 in savings as a result of going solar. Because these panels size and electricity necessary to power a home, these savings can vary.

It’s clear the system can help any homeowners to help you save. Let the process happen and call the experts at Top Tier Home Energy today to start saving money now (949) 296-2296.

We’ve heard for a while now that the solar tax credit will be reducing from 30% to lower over the years to come.  That’s why this is the perfect year for you to take advantage of the 2019 solar tax credit.  Homeowners will be able to take advantage of the federal investment tax credit with solar systems installed in their homes.

How the Solar Tax Credit Works

The federal solar tax credit was intended to encourage homeowners to go green and reduce Americans’ dependency on fossil fuels.  Due to popular demand, the federal solar tax credit was extended to 2020 by Congress in order to extend the 30% credit to homeowners.  In California, there is a mandate that all new homes install solar panels, but older homes are not required to install solar panels.  However, it’s anticipated that homeowners will rush to take advantage of the solar tax credit.

To acquire the solar tax credit, your solar installation company will offer you a receipt for the solar system’s total cost and installation process.  When tax season comes around, homeowners will be able to provide this information to their tax professional including items such as storage of solar batteries.

It must be noted that in order to take advantage of the federal tax credit, homeowners have to own their own solar panel system instead of renting it from a solar company. Additionally, in order to qualify for the solar tax credit, solar batteries must be entirely charged by the solar panel system, not an outside source.  These are important distinctions for homeowners seeking to make use of their tax credits for switching to clean green renewable energy.

Solar Tax Credit Eligibility Broken Down

As mentioned previously, there are a few conditions in order to make use of the 2019 federal tax credit:

  • Homeowners MUST own their own solar panel system and batteries in order to be eligible
  • Batteries must be fully charged from solar panels, not other sources
  • You must be a homeowner, not a renter of a property
  • Your solar panel system needs to be installed before the end of 2019

The Time to Act Is Now

Before the solar tax credit begins to diminish significantly, it’s time for you to act and install solar panels.  Go green and begin earning credits instead of paying major electricity bills.  Don’t wait to collect on your 2019 solar tax credit.  Consult with a skilled solar panel installation expert today and begin generating clean green renewable energy today that will save you money in the long run.

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You may know that solar energy is popular in California but what you probably didn’t know is that by 2020 all new homes must have solar panels installed. Title 24, the State’s energy efficient building standard was updated in March of 2018 to require solar install in newly built homes. It has been called the 2020 California Solar Mandate. 

If you are new to solar, you may be asking if the 2020 California Solar Mandate is going to be a good thing and if this will increase home buyer cost?

California is set to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that pollute our air. California has the World’s 5th Largest Economy! That means there is a huge population in California that is contributing to carbon emissions through transportation and through electricity use. The 2020 California Solar Mandate will make a huge impact to cleaner air and reduced emissions. 

The California Energy Commission unanimously approved the decision of Solar installations on all new homes under the 2020 California Solar Mandate. There will be a huge demand for Solar coming in the near future. California is already the leader in Solar with over 5.2 million homes with solar panels.

This is not a trend being set by lawmakers but also a trend set by homeowners. Homeowners are the key buyers in solar. Energy efficient homes are a big trend that won’t be going out of style. The 2020 California Solar Mandate will only push this trend further to the benefit of home buyers. 


Now as a consumer lets look at the benefits of buying a new home with Solar.

California has some of the highest electricity rates in the country. With Solar installed on your home you can beat those rates and beat the future rate increases. In some cases you can even earn credits from your electricity company for the solar energy you generate. This means you’ll be a leader and an example to the rest of the state by complying with the 2020 California Solar Mandate. 

The value of your home at resale will go up even more. Even a medium sized home with a small solar system, will increase around $20k. That’s a substantial increase and a great investment.

Lets not forget the tax credit! If you purchase your solar system you can qualify for a 30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. Who wouldn’t want to receive money back on their taxes from the government? Everything lines up to be a great investment for the home owner.


California (the Golden State), is sunny all year long. But some new homes may be exempt from the Solar Panel law due to Tree Shading and existing buildings shading the homes roof.  But that percentage is pretty low.

Constructing your dream home?

Contact us! Home building takes time and if you looking to do so we would love to partner with you in making sure your home is compliant. Forgetting compliance all together, we would love to help you make your home energy efficient.

At Top Tier Home, we treat you like family.  We can set up a consultation and go over your energy options before construction to ensure you comply fully with the 2020 California Solar Mandate.

When looking for a builder and a solar company you want to find the best options that fit your needs. A company that has experience in engineering and installation. We have been in business for over 10 years and we use top of the line quality products that will last for you and not break the bank. We provide you quality installation and outstanding customer service.


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