How Can Solar Panel Installation Help Me?

One of the best perks of living in Southern California is undoubtedly our weather. Going to an Orange County or San Diego County beach in the summer is high up on nearly every resident’s list of favorite activities. But increasingly, our summers are plagued by heat waves wherein our perfect weather takes a turn for the worse. Surprisingly, solar panel installation may hold the key to beating the heat this summer.

The last thing you want to be worrying about during one of these heat waves is your energy bill.  California has the 7th highest energy prices in the nation according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, with prices even higher in Orange County, San Diego County, and even Riverside County. 

Solar Panels Save Summer

The very same sun that is beaming down on you can be utilized to actually cool your home. Reliable solar panels from Top Tier Home Energy can not only lower your energy bill, but also eliminate the guilt you feel when you turn down the thermostat. Top Tier Home Energy is not only a leading provider of solar panels in Orange County, San Diego County, and Riverside County, but we also install custom heating and air systems that are built to take full advantage of solar panel installations.

Top Tier Home Energy installs Sunpower solar panels, which are consistently rated among the highest grade solar panels on the market. Not only are these durable solar panels the most efficient solar panels on the market, we at Top Tier Home Energy back them up with an industry-leading 25 year warranty which make our solar panel installation services risk free!

Yes, you read that right: 25 years of guaranteed lower energy bills, guilt free air conditioning, and the knowledge that you are doing your part to help save the environment. Even when the sun isn’t shining, our industry-unique battery storage systems will keep your home powered in the greenest possible way. 

Whether you’re a resident of Orange County, San Diego County, or Riverside County, Top Tier Home Energy can help reduce your monthly energy bill and keep your home cool. While summer may seem months away, it’s only a matter of time before the weather warms up and you’ll be wanting to turn the thermostat down. Be prepared for the summer’s heat wave today with Southern California’s leading solar panel installation provider. 


“Will my Solar Panels also charge my Electric Vehicle?”

This is a question often asked by customers new to solar panels and electric vehicles. The answer is, yes! Yes you can charge your electric vehicle with your home solar panels.

There are two options to charging your electric vehicle from home.

Option One is going through the electric company and purchasing an electric charging station. You will pay more on top of your current electric bill to charge your car. This can get pretty expensive depending on how much you drive your vehicle.

Option Two is with solar panels. Since you already have solar, you will only need to factor in how many solar panels you need to charge the car and add that into how many you need total for your home. If you owned your electric vehicle prior to solar installation, the number of solar panels necessary should have been calculated for you.
If you purchased your electric vehicle after your solar panel install, the good news is the number of panels you need is very small.

Here is a step by step guide to determining how many solar panels you will need for your vehicle.

Step 1: Determine by how many kilowatt-hours it takes your car to go 100 miles. This is called Miles-Per-Gallon equivalent or MPGe. You can find this at
Step 2: Once you knows your kWh, ask yourself how many miles you drive per day.
Step 3: Estimate (round up) how many miles you will drive per year.
Example: If your car rating is 30 kWh/100 miles and you only drive 25 miles a day than you’re only using 7.5 kWh per day. That’s around 2,700 kWh energy usage in a year. With this estimate you can add up your household usage and add the required number of panels to your system.

Once you have the solar panels you need to power your home and vehicle, you will need to purchase and install an electric vehicle charger. You can purchase these just about anywhere now. Your car dealership will sell them, you can purchase them off Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, even Walmart.

If you are in the process of solar panel installation, that the inverter you install can handle the amount of power you will be using for your vehicle charger. If you already have a solar panel system installed, you will need to install a new inverter that can handle more power coming from the panels.

On average, you will need about 10 solar panels per electric vehicle.

That’s about it for the nuts and bolts of charging your electric vehicle using solar panels.

Here are some added bonus to electric vehicle charging with solar panels:

The first is you aren’t paying the electric company to charge your car, if set up right the electric company may even give you credits for solar they purchase from you.

You will support the environment with less vehicle emissions and less electricity emissions affecting the environment.

If you already have a Solar System installed and you claimed the Solar purchase on your taxes and you install another system to charge your car than you can claim the second solar panels purchase on your taxes also and save even more money.

You will reduce the cost of your car a great amount with not paying for gas and receiving bonus credit on your taxes.

Just as you did before you purchased your Solar Panels, make sure you do your research on your best options for Electric Vehicles, Chargers and Solar Systems needed. Make sure you are purchasing solar panels that will meet your needs and will save you money in the long term. At

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