2020 New Build Mandate in Effect

California has always been the state leading the country towards a brighter, greener future. At the forefront of the nation’s green revolution, California constantly seeks new ways of innovating upon existing technologies to revolutionize society. Recently, solar panel installations have received renewed interest by the state, and are the subject of the California 2020 New Build Mandate guidelines. The new California Green Building Standards Code requires all newly built single residence homes to have solar panel installations. With home buying up in Orange County, San Diego County, and Riverside County, one has to wonder how these guidelines will affect Southern California residents?

Will The California 2020 New Build Mandate Save Money?

The answer is yes, the California 2020 New Build Mandate will. Newly built homes after Jan. 1 are required to have solar panel installations, while existing homes do not have to install solar panels. However, the California Energy Commission estimates that over a standard 30-year mortgage, a solar panel installation can save homeowners $19,000. Regardless of whether or not you are building a new home, solar panel installations are a sound investment to both save the environment and your money.

How Will The California 2020 New Build Mandate Affect Home Builders?

Home builders may be wary of the California 2020 New Build Mandate for new homes, however these new guidelines can help them just as much as home buyers. Home builders have the opportunity to form lasting business relationships with expert solar panel installation experts who can work closely with them on multiple projects, potentially driving down the cost of their bulk solar panel installation purchases. The California Building Industry Association estimates that solar panel installations will add $8,000 to $13,500 to the price of building new homes, making wholesale discounts of solar panel installations a great way to add surplus value to new homes. With home builders expected to absorb most of the cost of the California 2020 New Build Mandate, making connections with expert solar panel installation providers should be at the top of every home builder’s todo list.

Top Tier Home Energy: Ready For Change

At Top Tier Home Energy, we are more than ready to assist home builders in complying with the California 2020 New Build Mandate. When you need an expert solar panel installation provider for Orange County, San Diego County, Or Riverside County, look no further. We back all of our work with an industry-leading 25 year warranty. That’s nearly the entire length of a home mortgage, meaning that potential home buyers will feel confident in their new home’s solar panel installation. We’re excited to work with home builders in Orange County, San Diego County, and Riverside County as they strive to meet the exceptionally green goals set out in the by this ambitious new law.

How Can Solar Panel Installation Help Me?

One of the best perks of living in Southern California is undoubtedly our weather. Going to an Orange County or San Diego County beach in the summer is high up on nearly every resident’s list of favorite activities. But increasingly, our summers are plagued by heat waves wherein our perfect weather takes a turn for the worse. Surprisingly, solar panel installation may hold the key to beating the heat this summer.

The last thing you want to be worrying about during one of these heat waves is your energy bill.  California has the 7th highest energy prices in the nation according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, with prices even higher in Orange County, San Diego County, and even Riverside County. 

Solar Panels Save Summer

The very same sun that is beaming down on you can be utilized to actually cool your home. Reliable solar panels from Top Tier Home Energy can not only lower your energy bill, but also eliminate the guilt you feel when you turn down the thermostat. Top Tier Home Energy is not only a leading provider of solar panels in Orange County, San Diego County, and Riverside County, but we also install custom heating and air systems that are built to take full advantage of solar panel installations.

Top Tier Home Energy installs Sunpower solar panels, which are consistently rated among the highest grade solar panels on the market. Not only are these durable solar panels the most efficient solar panels on the market, we at Top Tier Home Energy back them up with an industry-leading 25 year warranty which make our solar panel installation services risk free!

Yes, you read that right: 25 years of guaranteed lower energy bills, guilt free air conditioning, and the knowledge that you are doing your part to help save the environment. Even when the sun isn’t shining, our industry-unique battery storage systems will keep your home powered in the greenest possible way. 

Whether you’re a resident of Orange County, San Diego County, or Riverside County, Top Tier Home Energy can help reduce your monthly energy bill and keep your home cool. While summer may seem months away, it’s only a matter of time before the weather warms up and you’ll be wanting to turn the thermostat down. Be prepared for the summer’s heat wave today with Southern California’s leading solar panel installation provider. 


Ins and Outs of Industry Leading Solar Panel Warranties


Solar Panel systems for your home are a huge purchase to make, a costly investment in your home. A big factor involved in your purchasing decision should be the solar panel warranty of your solar panels.


Solar Panels are made to be durable and withstand extreme weather. They are built to withstand the elements: winds, snow, hot dry summers, hard rainfall and freezing winters. But there are always exceptions and some panels maybe faulty. This is where your warranty can make all the difference.


The Importance of a Solar Panel Warranty.


Solar Panel purchases are a big upfront expense with the promise of long term savings. Solar Panels generate energy and cut the cost of your electricity bill. But if you happen to get a faulty Solar Panel and it stops generating the expected energy promised at purchase than your savings can dwindle.


Your Solar Panel warranty is a guarantee your system will work and generate the energy you bought it for. All to often people fail to overlook the solar panel brand and accompanying warranty. Do not fall into this category. Make sure you select an industry leading brand (SunPower Panels offer the best warranty in the business).


Types of Solar Panel Warranties


There are different types of Solar Panel Warranties. The two most common warranties are a Product Warranty and a Performance Warranty.



  • Solar Panel Performance Warranty

Technology is a wonderful thing but like any technology product it will degrade over time. A Solar Panel Performance warranty will guarantee the expected production of the solar panels.  Solar Panels lose efficiency at a pretty reliable rate.


A typical Solar Panel will lose about 0.6-0.8% efficiency each year. This means your Solar Panels will not be able to generate the same amount of energy as they did brand new.


A performance solar panel warranty may guarantee 90% performance for 10 years and 80% performance for 25 years. While two warranties may guarantee the same performance overtime. You should definitely factor in the max efficiency rate of the panels as they may differ substantially depending on the brand. One brand may have a ME rate of 22% while another brand’s ME is 17%.


How do you determine when you need to use your Performance Solar Panel Warranty?


When checking your energy production, if you are producing dramatically less energy suddenly than there is probably an issue with the Solar Panel materials. If you’re generating less energy than you were at a steadier rate, call your solar installation company to assess your panels. If your performance is not meeting the solar panel warranty guarantee, the manufacture should replace your panels. Some companies will cover shipping and replacement costs under your solar panel warranty.



  • Solar Panel Product Warranty

solar panel warranty

The Solar Panel Product warranty is also referred to as the material warranty. It covers the material in the event something is faulty. For example, faulty wiring (caused by manufacturing defect), corrosion from water and sun exposure, premature wear and tear, and issues caused by elements would be covered under this form of solar panel warranty.


A typical product warranty is for 10 years. If you purchase your panels from a reputable company like Top Tier Home Energy you will get a 25 year Product warranty. A long solar panel warranty demonstrates confidence in craftsmanship. A long warranty, backed by a reputable brand is a great investment in the long run.


How do you determine when you need to use your Product Warranty?


You should contact your Solar Panel installation company if you notice some of your panels are not working. After an assessment, if your panels are determined faulty, your next step is to contact the manufacture. Your manufacturer should cover the shipping and installation costs along with the new Solar Panels.


Other Warranties


There are two other warranties to consider: Inverter and Battery Warranties.


An inverter warranty is typically shorter than that of Solar Panels. An inverter is one of the main components in the Solar System; it converts the generated energy into usable energy for your home. It doesn’t last as long as the panels and you can expect to replace it at least once in the life span of your Solar Panels. The average warranty for your inverter is 5-10 years.


A solar battery warranty has the same life span as an inverter: 5-10 years. The expected life for a battery is 15 years. A solar battery is used to store extra energy that was generated to use at a later time, like night time or peak times.


Voiding Your Warranty


When you receive your paperwork for your solar panels and Warranty it is best to read all the information and care instructions. Read all the fine print.


An example of something that will void your warranty is having an unlicensed worker repair your system or if you do not upkeep the surrounding environment to protect the Solar Panels like keeping trees trimmed.

Make sure a licensed installer comes out to look at or repair your system. This will ensure the life span of your warranty and your system.


The best warranty on the market becomes meaningless when voided: beware!


Why SunPower Warranties are Great


Top Tier Home Energy only works with the best solar panels on the market: SunPower solar panels. SunPower offers a 25 year warranty on your complete solar panel system, not just the panels. SunPower covers 100% repair, labor, shipping and parts cost. Additionally, SunPower guarantees your panels will not lose more than 8% of their original power output in 25 years.


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